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Paws and Whiskers on Canvas

"Capture the Moment: Share Your Photo with Me!" Just a quick intro—I've been rocking the artist life since 1987. Yep, that's right, decades of turning ideas into beautiful creations. Now, here's the scoop: Click here to Send me your photos and I'll be crafting a one-of-a-kind painting of your pet, straight from the heart. "Two Options Mixed Media on Paper or Oil on Canvas" Now, you've got some cool options to choose from.  We can go for the artsy vibes with mixed media on paper. It's like a unique blend of different materials, giving your pet's portrait that extra flair. The advantage of mixed media: Faster turnaround as water based paints and India ink dry instantly.  Ease of shipping Cheaper than oil painting Paintings can be matted and framed under glass Or we can dive into the world of oil on canvas. Picture this: your pet's essence captured on a timeless canvas, with those rich, vibrant oil colors. This It's a bit like turni