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 "Pricing for Timeless Memories: Invest in a Custom Hand-Painted Pet Portrait"

Exquisite Mixed Media (Water based Paints) Paintings on Fine Art Paper with Included Shipping to Canada and US.

Mixed Media Price List

8x10        $160.00     Most Popular
8x8 $188.00         Popular
5x7 $130.00
9x12 $216.00
5x5 $110.00
6x6 $132.00
12x12 $288.00
11x14 $308.00
12x16 $384.00 other sizes may be available.

Capturing Moments in Oil: Pricing for Pet Portraits Oil on Canvas or 1-Inch Cradled Wood Panel, Including Shipping to Canada and US

Oil Painting Price List

5x7 $170.00
8x10 $240.00     Popular
9x12 $324.00
5x5 $135.00
6x6 $168.00
8x8 $252.00
12x12 $432.00 Most popular
11x14 $462.00
12x16 $576.00     other sizes available